Ense me
"While Vampire Weekend deals with the existential crisis of their sophomore slump I’m celebrating this Iqram guy and his elegantly straightforward take on the Paul Simon popularized afro-pop that Vampy once adapted so well. “Newborn” has horns, bongos, and is catchy as hell. I’m pretty happy." -theburninggear.com
If you are looking for a job, Duma Works is the best place to go. You get a pretty sweet SMS, telling you that you are qualified for a job. Honestly, job site are cool, they are optimized, and ultimately, they approach humans as numbers is a pipeline to match to employers. People want to be connected with. They want to network and make love. They don't give a shit about money inherently, even if they are temporarily convinced they are. Human connection is the be-all, end-all, and if humans searching for jobs can be treated with the same kind of dignity humans looking for love are, the world will be a better place.
Iqram composes and resides in Little Africa